Meet the Designer: Justin Gargasz

Popular in the 80s and 90s, the Catapults were a style staple that were worn by major stars like Karl Malone, Michael Jackson and Paula Abdul. Now, the Catapults are back and are better than ever, thanks to L.A. Gear and designer Justin Gargasz.

Justin Gargasz has a background in industrial design and has been designing footwear, accessories, and apparel since 2009. He’s passionate about creating this new line of Heritage sneakers as LA Gear’s lead footwear designer.

“I think it’s awesome opportunity to be able to modernize the nostalgia of a brand that had such an impact.”

When asked about how he had redesigned the shoe, he said that he was focused on keeping aspects of the original shoe aesthetic while upgrading the comfort technology to be more modern.  The new Catapult design includes a light feature for an eye-catching look.

“The light is in the tongue of the shoe, and the battery is embedded in resin in the midsole.” The shoes have an on-and-off switch behind the tongue and has 12 hours of light time off a two-hour charge.  

In addition to style, the Catapult’s new structural design is made with premium materials, comfort EVA technology, a molded outer support feature, and a cell gel sock liner.

“Every season we get the opportunity to bring newness to the line. How can we innovate and create with new color combos, materials and detailing while staying true to the spirit of brand.” Gargasz remarked in regard to his favorite part about designing. Justin will continue working on other projects at LA Gear and hinted that there is even more to look forward to.

“There are other styles being brought back with improved fit and functions…the Catapult is our retro-runner that is our first style coming out.”

We are excited to see even more of Gargasz’s designs with LA Gear in the future.