Greater Than Dance App

LA Gear is proud to announce its Greater Than Dance, the new interactive app experience that challenges you to be a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday. LA Gear has always received amazing support from iconic superstars of entertainment and sports, including Shaquille O’Neal, Karl Malone, Joe Montana, Wayne Gretsky, Belinda Carlisle, and Michael Jackson. With the new revamp, LA Gear has literally turned the iconic logo on its side with a new initiative that is on a mission to challenge you to be active, be vital, and be BETTER. 

Greater Than Dance is LA Gear’s plan to bring competitive dance routines and workouts to users with featured professional dancers available on the app live from their dance studio in Los Angeles. These curated dance workout routines are not only fun, but users can track their progress from their user profile as well as compete in sponsored challenges scheduled weekly and monthly. Between dances, users can also browse the latest LA Gear merchandise and order directly from the app. 

LA Gear has always been closely associated with the world of dance and Greater Than Dance goes one step further by including some of the biggest names in the industry. Featured dance instructors slated to appear include Chris Judd, and Wade Warren, both of whom have decades of experience instructing dancers worldwide. With the Greater Than Dance, users will have access to exclusive dance routines ranging from intense 15 minute classes to longer one-hour sessions with featured instructors. Participants can track their progress and then post on the app as well as across their social media networks. Greater Than Dance brings you the total experience, offering a community and platform that gives you the opportunity to engage in a virtual community as you strive to get better every day. Dance solidified LA Gear’s presence in the footear industry and the mission is to honor that legacy by returning bigger and better than ever before!

Greater Than Dance dares to elevate users above and beyond their expectations by creating a formidable presence through action and execution. The community available through the app inspires everyone to raise the bar, up their game, and aspire to complete the ultimate challenges in a quest to be the best version of yourself. Through Greater Than Dance, you can commit to becoming who you were meant to be by being actionable, and unforgettable.

The LA Gear design team is inspired and instilled with formidable knowledge and experience in crafting the ultimate in footwear, meticulously crafting shoes that combine both style and functionality to the ultimate levels. Our winning approach has resulted in exciting products soon to be released to customers. No matter what is created at LA Gear, the brand has always remained true to its core values, incorporating the nostalgia from previous years and infusing it with what is trending now that stays authentic to the  mission while acknowledging today’s pop-culture trends. 

As LA Gear begins this new iteration, the mission is to connect with old customers and establish long-lasting relationships with new ones excited to come on this amazing journey. Welcome to LA Gear – the revamp!

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