LA Gear has been at the forefront of designing wearable art since launching and their creations are an impressive combination of aesthetics that are functional for different lifestyles.

With its newest collections, LA Gear is now returning with a contemporary transformation that embraces its iconic roots while creating trends for a new generation.

The latest iteration of LA Gear is a revival that captures the heritage of the brand by embracing the original designs and infusing them with the latest technology that elevates the experience across the board.

Modern improvements meet the demands of the 21st century: updated comfort elements, premium materials, and nostalgic outsoles, also including rechargeable lighted technology on some of the collections on the designs in an innovative way.

LA Gear’s longstanding and new fans alike will definitely notice the maximum grip, durability, and long-lasting wearability.

Throughout the entire collection, LA Gear has stayed true to what makes sets them apart, offering a shoe that is more sophisticated and refined than ever before. Bringing a brand back in such a formidable way is a testament to LA Gear’s commitment to today’s fashion movement while honoring the tradition of celebrating the California lifestyle and look into every shoe in their collections.


Now recognized as one of the most iconic brands in the world, LA Gear first launched in 1983 as a women’s brand with its own clothing store in Los Angeles on the famed Melrose Avenue, finding immediate success with its trendy line of footwear. For nearly 40 years, LA Gear has represented the very best in trending fashion, creative design, quality, and comfort.

By 1987, LA Gear made a successful expansion into activewear for both men and women.

1991 saw the uneviling of the now iconic blinking LA Lights line of kids’ shoes that enjoyed wild success in the children’s market.

By 1999, LA Gear launched a successful line of women’s accessories and children’s swimwear.

Through the turn of the century, LA Gear continued to be a formidable force in the apparel industry, cementing its status as a brand in tune with current trends.

In 2008, LA Gear Originals – which included the popular Unstoppable and LA Lights lines – was presented as a high-end collection of footwear inspired by the brand’s most popular styles of the past. The featured footwear perfectly captured the excitement of LA Gear’s history and cemented the brand’s reputation as one of the most popular among music and dance groups around the world.

Today, LA Gear is coming back in a big way, giving a nod to its iconic past while also excitedly looking ahead to the future. As always, LA Gear continue to focus on delivering outstanding fashion, quality, and value to its customers.

Dynamic in design, daring in approach, LA Gear continues to make a mark in its singular lane, along the way gaining the respect of the industry and fans of the brand that share love for trendy collections that capture the look and feel of the times.

For nearly 40 years, LA Gear has represented the very best in trending fashion, creative design, quality, and comfort.

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